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Drogo's Top Summer Seafood Recipes

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Drogo's Top Summer Seafood Recipes

Summer dishes of the light, fresh and delicious variety are well worth adding to your ‘must-try’ list this year. And where better to start than one of these top summer seafood recipes? Our founder Drogo Montagu spent many years working in Michelin starred kitchens, and knows from first hand experience what seafood delights work best. Take a look at these specially selected dishes from Drogo’s kitchen and try something new this summer. 

Wild Jumbo Tiger Prawns with a Chicory, Endive and Tardivo Salad

With a beautiful sweet flavour, Wild Jumbo Tiger Prawns are truly the elite option when it comes to the various types of prawn out there.  To start, remove the head of the prawn, followed by the armour. Then devein the prawn, before butterfly slicing ahead of cooking. Season the prawn on both sides before cooking in a pan with garlic. Then add salad and enjoy!

A beautiful fresh salad containing mache, red and white chicory, tardivo, and a garlic, mustard and honey dressing, is the perfect complement to the prawn. The full video recipe is available here.

Pan-fried Sea Bass

A full sea bass is a truly versatile seafood offering that is known for its firm, succulent texture. One of our favourite fresh sea bass recipes is this fish dish served on crushed Jersey Royals and minted baby courgettes.

Prepare your potatoes with butter, olive oil and chives. The courgettes should be cut up and fried in olive oil in a pan with some mint. Now the sea bass itself. Cook it skin side down to allow the skin to crisp up. Then cook on the other side once the skin side is cooked. Throw some butter and thyme in too to finish things off before serving with your potatoes and courgettes. Then baste in foaming butter with thyme to give it an extra special finish.

The full video recipe as made in Drogo’s kitchen is available here.

Hand Picked White Crab Meat

Crab is a delicious seafood treat, and the White Crab we offer at Fine Food Specialist is really something special. With a sweet yet delicate taste, crab is the perfect summer complement to a delicious salad. We have a variety of salad options, including our micro mix leaf, Westlands baby leaf, and watercress, as well as Mizuna and Sea Fennel.

(And slightly off this seafood theme, this Spring Leaf Tardivo, Chicory and Stilton Salad is another truly beautiful dish for the summer months too).

Brixham Scallops

Scallops are a real seafood treat, with their plump, tasty meat the ideal centrepiece of a superb summer dish. Our Brixham scallops are very popular at present, with their quality meat coming in a beautiful half shell. We advise cooking them with salted butter, garlic that has been chopped finely, parsley and lemon zest. Blend these ingredients all up, then grill them with the scallops for a delicious summertime dish.  

You can also try our Scallop Sashimi and Pan-Fried Scallop recipes too.

Loads of Summer Seafood Options

If you’re still seeking some seafood recipes this summer, why not try our Zesty Fregola with Clams, or this Salmon Tartare with Asparagus dish? 

There’s truly a host of culinary wonders available at Fine Food Specialist. You can head to the Fine Food Specialist YouTube Channel for more delicious recipes from Drogo’s kitchen. And if you have any questions, be sure to get in touch.

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