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Fruit or False?

Fruit or False?

Do you know what’s the perfect season to enjoy sea buckthorn berries or when you should add cobnuts to your dishes? What time is best to enjoy fresh figs and when you should make the most of the unusual flavour of the Japanese yuzu? In short, is it fruit or false?

The Fine Food Specialist team are huge fans of seasonal fruits and using different varieties when they’re in their peak season to create unique dishes with amazing flavours, which is why we’ve prepared an interesting infographic to help you test your specialist fruit knowledge and find out what fruit you should use when.

Read on to discover the answers you’re seeking and let us know in the comments if there are any other delicious fruits that we should add to this list. And if by the time you finish reading this infographic you’re craving for some mouth-watering fruit products, simply head over to our website where you can browse our full range and discover many more fine foods to indulge your taste buds with.

Fine Foods Inforgaphic

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