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How to choose the right cheese for you

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When it comes to experiencing exquisite culinary delights, there are few things quite like a delicious selection of cheese. The combination of texture, smell and taste is what separates cheese from other gourmet food options. A truly top-quality cheese encompasses everything you want from a food choice – sensational flavours that can be enjoyed in a range of contexts and meal options.

We know how enjoyable a delicious cheese can prove at Fine Food Specialist. We know what customers want when it comes to gourmet cheese selections. And we have put the time and effort into creating an assortment of specialist cheeses for our customers to buy and indulge themselves in. Let us talk you through the variety of cheeses from around the world that we have available for our customers, helping you find your perfect cheese to buy from the Fine Food Specialist range.

Blue Cheeses

If your palette prefers life’s more exciting, intriguing flavours, something from our blue cheese range could be right up your street. Many blue cheeses possess a sharp and salty quality, which might not strike you as the most appetising straight off the bat. But blue cheeses offer something memorable and different to what you might be used to, and can be a truly delicious choice. Our range includes Barkham Blue, Bleu de Basque and Cropwell Bishop cheeses, as well as Gorgonzola and Roquefort.

French Fancies

France is not a country that’s lacking in sensational culinary options. Its cheeses are world renowned for their variety, distinctive tastes and rich history. We’re huge fans of French cheese and our range contains dozens of options from across the channel. In terms of picking a specific cheese, it’s hard to cover every variety in a short blog.


You can browse through our choice of camembert – all of which has been sourced from leading suppliers. These cheeses are soft on the tongue and have a pronounced earthy flavour, with different varieties having hints of nut and even mushrooms. We also have Gourmet French artisan gift sets, as well as varieties of Tomme de Chevre which are light and creamy, as well as Le Figou, Livarot and Langres for you to pick from if you want to try something you won’t find in the local supermarket.

Mediterranean masterpieces

Italian cheeses are also not commonplace on the shelves of your local shop, but the ranges we have at Fine Food Specialist can open your eyes to new varieties and flavours with ease.

From our Italian cheeses range, we recommend mascarpone for anybody that like smooth, milky cheese varieties. We also offer Pecorino Moliterno al Tartufo, which contains black truffles for a truly phenomenal flavour, as well as Vento d’Estate matured in hay. This has a subtle, floral taste for customers whose palate prefers this flavour type.

British Beauties

Cheeses from closer to home can be just as delicious and sought after as those from further afield. Our British Cheese range covers a vast array of cheeses from all corners of Great Britain, providing ample opportunity for buyers to find the flavours they crave. Those who like clean, fresh tastes can try Cornish Yarg. Wrapped in nettles, this farmhouse cheese feels clear and refreshing on the palette. More traditional options for those seeking familiar tastes include Black Bomber Mature Cheddar, Celtic Promise and soft Isle of Wight Cheese.

We also have a strong selection of Snowdonia cheeses, including Green Thunder Mature Cheddar, Red Devil Red Leicester, Ginger Spice and Beechwood.

Great Goats Cheese


Goats Cheese is perfect for anybody who prefers tarty, earthy flavours that are light and pleasant. There’s a massive selection available at Fine Food Specialist from locations around the world. Why not try our Tor Goat’s Cheese if you’re a creamy cheese fan? Or Driftwood Goat’s Cheese if you want to sample cheese with a citrusy tang?

Top level cheeses and buying options

Hopefully this has shed some light on what cheese can match your preferred flavours. We also stock specialist cheese boards, as well as accessories and towers to help you get the most out of your buy from Fine Food Specialist. If you have any questions about our range, don’t hesitate to get in touch.  

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