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Our favourite mushroom dishes this autumn

Our favourite mushroom dishes this autumn
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Discover our best mushroom recipes featuring the finest wild mushrooms, dried mushrooms, and specialist varieties such as girolles, porcinis, morels, and plenty more. Our fantastic range of mushrooms are the perfect addition to gourmet meals or can be showcased as the centrepiece of a dish. Mushrooms are such a versatile vegetable and are great for cooking with when in season. Browse our top recipes down below, we’ve got everything from hearty Autumnal pies to truffle burgers and plenty more exciting recipes to keep your tastebuds excited. For more information about mushrooms, read our ultimate guide here


The best mushroom recipes from Drogo’s Kitchen

Autumn marks the beginning of the mushroom season and we have plenty of exciting mushroom recipes to inspire you in the kitchen this time of year. Scroll through for all the best dispatches from our test kitchen. Tap the picture for the recipe and ingredients.

Porcini mushroom recipes

Porcini mushrooms are known as the king of mushrooms, and what better way to kickoff our roundup of best mushroom recipes than with these beautiful wild mushrooms. If you want to learn more, click here to read our guide to porcini mushrooms.

White Truffle and Porcini Burger

This is a truly decadent take on a mushroom burger. The combination of rich porcini mushrooms with alba white truffle is a match made in heaven.


Girolle mushroom recipes

Girolles are also known as chanterelles in Europe, and are quite a versatile wild mushroom to work with in the kitchen. They have a great texture and an almost fruity taste.

Wild Grouse with Spinach, and Golden Girolles

Game and mushrooms complement each other so well. This is a great recipe to impress a date and make the most of the seasonal produce available in Autumn.

Argentinian Ribeye with Creamy Girolle Sauce

Argentinian beef is impeccable and pairs beautifully with this unctuous girolle sauce. Another great recipe to pull out when girolles are available.

Silk Handkerchiefs with Girolles and Confit Egg Yolk

This is an elegant dish of pasta that is also quite simple to put together. Such an effortless way to enjoy these golden girolles.


Morel mushroom recipes

Morels are quite a special variety of mushroom that are only available in the spring. They have a wonderful nutty taste and a honeycomb-like body.

Scrambled eggs with Morel Mushrooms

Mushrooms and eggs! Treat yourself to this classic breakfast staple elevated with these special spring morels.

Morel Mushroom and Pea Tagliatelle with Spring White Truffle

Morels are rich and nutty and are greatly complemented by the addition of fresh spring white truffle in this tasty pasta dish.

Cod with Morels and Tarragon

Fish and mushrooms are not normally associated together, but once you taste this recipe you’ll be a fan. The texture of these honey-comb like mushrooms and the great depth of flavour they provide is incredible.


Asian mushroom recipes

We have a fantastic selection of specialist asian mushrooms featuring all sorts such as shiitake, enoki, and plenty more.

Braised Abalone with Aged Soy

Another seafood and mushroom combination – this time we used dried shiitake which are immensely flavoursome and add a hearty richness to the braised abalone.


Dried mushroom recipes

Dried mushrooms are a great cupboard staple to always have on hand. Its a fantastic way to impart a strong mushroom-y flavour, and they are available year round. 

Pigeon Pie with Dried Porcini

This showstopper is worth the time and effort to make. Pigeon is a wonderful meat that is deep and gamey – great for eating during the autumn.

Oxtail Stew with Herb Dumplings

As the days get cooler and we settle into Autumn, stews are the perfect way to warm up. Rich and hearty, this oxtail stew with pillowy dumplings is the ultimate autumn recipe to tuck into this time of year.

Osso Bucco with Polenta and Gremolata

Osso Bucco is a traditional Italian dish from the Lombardi region. The bone imparts great flavour to the stew and the marrow is so rich and tasty.


Mushroom and Truffle Recipes

Mushroom and truffles complement each other wonderfully, and are such a natural pairing.

Chicken with Perigord Truffle and a Creamy Mushroom Sauce

Here’s another fantastic autumn mushroom recipe to get stuck into this season. Creamy mushroom sauce with truffle stuffed chicken – a gourmet dish you’ll want to try!


Wild Mushroom recipes

There are so many varieties of wild mushrooms to choose from on our site from golden girolles to pied du mouton to mousseron, and many more to try.

Girolles with Persillade

This is a lovely side dish that will go with fish or meat or can be served for breakfast with a poached egg. Persillade is similar to gremolata and is a fantastic garnish to emphasise the fruity flavour of the girolles.


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