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Porcini season is here!

porcini mushrooms

Porcini mushrooms are a delicious vegetable that are popular in Italian cuisine. They have a distinctive taste that hints at nutty and meaty flavours, and are perfect for soups, risottos and pasta dishes. Many discerning diners prefer porcini mushrooms when fresh, and our range at Fine Food Specialist accommodates for this, as well as having handy frozen options for you to pick from. But if you’ve not tried this delicious product before, what can you expect? Let us explain why you should take advantage of porcini season this year.


A wild mushroom found and foraged in the northern hemisphere, the porcini mushroom is a highly prized culinary item. Also known as penny bun, cep and porcino, the porcini mushroom is notoriously tricky to cultivate, with the main areas of production being the Mediterranean and Southern Europe regions. Their growing season means that autumn is when they’re at their very best, and the truly delightful flavours of porcini are best experienced in the months of September and October.


Wondering how to cook porcini mushrooms? There are a variety of ways to go about this.

Porcini mushrooms can be grilled, sautéed and roasted with ease, and added to dishes to give that distinctive porcini flavour.

You can also ground porcinis if you’re not fond of the mushroom texture, but love the taste.

Porcinis can also be eaten raw, so we advise trying various different ways to eat porcini and finding your own personal favourite.

Meal options

porcini risotto

Asking yourself what porcini dish is best? Again, this is a flexible ingredient so the choice is massive.

A firm favourite is a porcini mushroom risotto, which is easy to create and enjoy the full flavours of porcinis.

Porcini mushrooms also go really well with pasta dishes, so why not try tagliatelle or bucatini with porcini mushrooms.

Porcini sauces are also a fabulous option when it comes to complementing meats such as beef, pork and venison.

What’s available?

There’s nowhere better to buy porcini mushrooms online than Fine Food Specialist. We have a great range that allows you to embrace porcini mushrooms like never before.

We have fresh porcini mushrooms that are now in season, and are always a popular choice. These versatile vegetables taste great and work well with butters, olive oils and truffle oils.  

You can also pick up dried porcini mushrooms for added flavour and aroma, while dried cep/porcini powder delivers that distinctive taste beautifully. You can add this powder to your dough mix when making pasta and enjoy some porcini flavoured pasta for example.

There are also frozen porcini cubes to buy, as well as frozen small whole porcinis that allow a buyer to make the most of porcini’s delicious taste and versatility for longer.

Be sure to try something from our porcini range and embrace this delicious mushroom choice. And if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with the Fine Food Specialist team.

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