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Our Guide to Truffle Oil and Truffle Butter

cacio e pepe with truffle
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Truffle oil and truffle butter are an easy and cost-effective way to introduce the incredible flavour of truffle into your food. In fact, we think they are some of the most powerful secret weapons you can have at your disposal - just a few drops of truffle oil or a small pat of truffle butter will transform mashed potatoes, pizzas, burgers, sashimi and so much more… read on for the Fine Food Specialist guide to making the most of these special products. 

What is truffle oil?

Truffle oil is exactly what it sounds like - oil infused with the flavour of truffles! We stock a wide range of truffle oils at Fine Food Specialist, infused with the heady flavour of white and black truffles (find out more about truffles in the Fine Food Specialist guide to truffles). 

Infusing truffle into an oil makes a product that can be stored well and used many times over to add the flavour of truffle to your food. Unlike fresh truffles, which have a short shelf life and must be used quickly, truffle oil will be your new best friend in the kitchen, time and time again. 

truffle burger

What is truffle butter? 

We stock both white and black truffle butter here at Fine Food Specialist as part of our range of truffle products. What could be more luxurious than adding some truffle-infused butter to your toast or mashed potato? The rich, creamy butters are packed full of the amazing scent of these sought after delicacies, and come in resealable jars, to ensure freshness is maintained. 

How do you use truffle oil?

The flavour of truffle oil is very powerful, so a little goes a long way. It’s perfect for adding the finishing touch to pasta dishes, potatoes, and even salad dressings. A drop or two on tuna sashimi will add a touch of luxury, and we love to add some truffle oil to scrambled eggs, to give breakfast or brunch a lift! 

It’s also wonderful on top of pizzas - try it with Parma ham and mushrooms - or how about adding a few drops to some popcorn for your next movie night? Have a look at our range of specialist truffle oils to see which one suits your needs. 

truffle potatoes

How do you use truffle butter? 

Truffle butter has so many potential uses: we love it to slather it on toast, of course! But there is so much more you can do with this incredible product. Try it on top of a Wagyu steak for the ultimate steak dinner, or add some to a dish of warm vegetables, just before serving - the scent of the truffle hitting the hot vegetables will draw everyone to the table…

A pat of truffle butter melted into risotto, pasta, polenta or potatoes will add that special finishing touch or use it to top grilled seafood such as lobster, langoustines or prawns.

Recipe ideas for truffle oil and butter from Drogo’s Kitchen 

Try this black truffle focaccia drizzled with a little truffle oil for a truly indulgent addition to the table, or try topping fresh grilled corn cobs with truffle butter. There are lots more recipes for truffle on Drogo’s Kitchen, so make sure to explore the full archive.  


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