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Celebrate Chinese New Year This January

red lanterns for chinese new year celebrations
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Every year, there are a host of exciting events dotted throughout the calendar. These are the events that help shape every 12 months, and keep us looking forward to what’s around the corner.  But so caught up in our own worlds can we be that it’s easy to forget there are not only other worlds out there, but that there are other calendars out there as well! 

The Chinese calendar is an interesting and historical calendar that works based on specific astronomical phenomena, such as the position of the moon. It’s an ancient and important system that is a uniting factor for Chinese communities around the world. The Chinese calendar is not actively used in modern China, where the Gregorian calendar we are familiar with is today the chosen calendar. But the Chinese calendar still has a cultural importance, and Chinese (or Lunar) New Year is one of the most important dates on it.

In this blog, we’ll take a look at the importance of Chinese New Year and provide you with a few helpful culinary options for this exciting event.  So read on and get all the information you need to celebrate Chinese New Year in style!

This Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year takes place on either the second or third new moon after the winter solstice. That means that this year, Chinese New Year falls on 25th January.  This day will see communities in China and around the world coming together to celebrate their shared heritage and culture. These celebrations are often referred to as the Spring Festival.  Typical celebrations will include the lighting of lanterns, the giving of gifts, and everything being covered in the colour red as part of Chinese New Year celebrations.  25th January will see plenty of global celebrations as people celebrate the start of the year of the Rat. 

Popular Chinese New Year Dishes

Now when you started reading this blog, you knew that we weren’t going to avoid talking about food completely.  Like any great celebration, Chinese New Year has a distinct culinary component to it and it would be rude not to cover some of the traditional dishes that make Chinese New Year what it is. Fish dishes are very popular choices and are related to increased prosperity at Chinese New Year.

Chinese dumplings are another sought after Chinese New Year dish, symbolising wealth. Longevity is symbolised by noodles, while spring rolls also represent wealth.

Tangyuan, a style of sweet rice balls, is associated with family togetherness, while Niangao, a type of glutinous rice cake, is linked with progression and achieving a higher position in your life. 

What does Fine Food Specialist have to offer? 

You won’t be surprised to hear that the range of Chinese New Year’s food we have at Fine Food Specialist is really quite impressive.  We offer a vast range of fish and seafood to create the kind of delicious treat you want to bring the Chinese New Year in with. There are Hamachi, Stonebass, Cobia Fillets, Wild Yellowfin Tuna and cuts of Sea Trout available. 

Our selection also includes incredible Japanese Wagyu Beef fillets and Wagyu Sirloin, as well as many more cuts that will give great food options aplenty at any Chinese New Years meals you may be holding. There’s a host of ingredients available to take your dishes to new levels and make the very best Chinese New Year meal you can. With King Oyster Mushrooms, Mangosteens, and Pomelos available, why not try embracing new flavours and styles of cooking this year. 

King Oyster Mushrooms

Our Chinese New Year food range contains all kinds of interesting, hard to find ingredients for you to enjoy. So take your time to browse through and find the ideal dish to welcome in the year of the Rat. 

Take a look through our delivery options, and you can also open an account with Fine Food Specialist. If you have any questions about our offering, feel free to get in touch.

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