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How to choose the best French Cheese

How to choose the best French Cheese

How to choose the best French Cheese

With such a diverse, exciting range of culinary options, the French are truly experts in the gastronomic field. French foods are revered globally for many reasons. One is the strong traditions that go into the creation of truly wonderful produce. Another is the focus placed on flavour and texture.

There is true artistry in French foods, and this is a reason why they are so popular throughout the world. One area of particular Gallic expertise is cheese. French cheeses are known far and wide for their delicious flavours, interesting textures and high quality.

With so many styles and varieties of French cheese available out there, knowing what to select and what might appeal to your discerning taste buds can be a tricky ask.

That’s why at Fine Food Specialist, we’ve gone to the effort of providing you with a truly insightful guide on how to pick the perfect French cheese for you. We have a broad range of French cheeses available from our online store.

So whether you’re looking for food gifts, gourmet food options or just seeking something new, our range is the place to start. But what to pick? Let us help.


Let’s start with an easy one. Camembert is a popular choice when it comes to French cheese as it’s widely available and has a distinctive creamy texture that many people can’t get enough of.

Camembert dates back to the late 18th century and is named after the village in which it was created. This small place in the French region of Normandy is now something of a hub for the cheese’s fans, who pay homage to Marie Harel, its creator, and the history of Camembert in general.

If you’re a Camembert fan but want something different to what you can find in your local supermarket, we can certainly help. We offer a selection of Camembert from Normandy that is sure to please.

Camembert Fribois for example is produced in Saint-Loup de Fribois and is made from unpasteurised milk, giving it a bouncy, gooey surface. Camembert Calvados takes advantage of another of Normandy’s exports, Calvados wine. This cheese is soaked in the wine to give it a unique flavour. Our Camembert Artisan Lait Cru Bocage is made in a truly traditional way, with a strong flavour and a delicate rind. And if you want a mix of Camembert varieties, take a look at this trio taster set.


Brie is another go-to when it comes to French cheeses, originating from the Brie region to the east of Paris. Again, this is a soft cheese with a rich tradition and an equally rich flavour. Brie is typically made in large wheels, and we have exactly that with our Brie Mariotte. This goes perfectly with chutneys and figs at parties and social events. Brie de Meaux is a popular, unpasteurised variety from the town of Meaux, where it’s been made since the 8th century.

We offer whole wheels and quarter wheels of Brie de Meaux in our range. And if you’re looking to really meld exquisite flavours, why not go for brie infused with black truffles? Again, there are whole and quarter wheels available.

Blue cheeses

Blue cheese is a strong option when it comes to selecting from the wonderous range of French cheeses that are out there. And there are plenty to choose from at Fine Food Specialist. Bleu d’Auvergne is a mild, moist blue cheese from the Auvergne region. Buttery and not particularly salty, this cheese complements red and sweet wines. There are full wheels and slabs of this delightful variety available.

We also have Fourme d’Ambert, produced in the Auvergne in the Monts de Forez. Thought to be one of France’s oldest cheeses, this creamy cheese has a delicate fruity flavour and hints of mushroom too.


Tomme cheese is an alpine cheese that dates back hundreds of years. It is made from the skimmed milk that is left over after cream has been removed to make butters or richer cheeses. Tomme de Savoie is probably the most well-known variety, and is made from unpasteurised cows’ milk. We stock whole wheels with a thick rind and a buttery centre.

We also have Tomme de Vache with truffles, which offers real luxurious flavour, while our Tomme De Chevre is a type of goat’s cheese that has a distinctive nutty flavour.

True variety

To really appreciate the full range of French cheese available from Fine Food Specialist, it really is a case of browsing through and buying what takes your fancy. How else can you truly familiarise yourself with the smooth texture of Chaource AOP, the spicy kick of Boulette d’Avesnes, the sweet and sour combination of Le Figou, or the pungent flavour of Livarot?

French Cheese Gift Sets

One of our most popular French cheese options is the range of cheese boards and hampers we offer – and for good reason. Take our artisan French Cheese Board selection for example. Containing a hand picked collection of cheese of different varieties, flavours and textures, this is a superb buy for any connoisseur and a fine gift option.

We also offer this ornate Gourmet French Artisan Gift Set, featuring soft cheese, blue cheese and goat’s cheeses. Additionally, we have our ultimate Mixed French Cheese Hamper, which is spot on for any cheese lover, and the Mixed Artisan Cheese Tray is perfect for your favourite turophile... (that’s a lover of cheese in case you weren’t sure!)

Fine Food Specialist offers a truly impressive range of cheese from not only France, but around the world. Browse through our Italian, Spanish and British cheese ranges, and kit your cupboards and fridges out with real quality produce from trusted suppliers.

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