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Choosing and Cooking the perfect Wagyu Steak

Choosing and Cooking the perfect Wagyu Steak
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There are certain food items that seem to go beyond the effect they have on your taste buds. 

Certain foods resonate with us in new and unexpected ways. It may be the location we eat them in, or the people we share them with. Or it could be that the taste is so impressive and memorable that it truly lingers in our minds.

Anybody who enjoys high quality meats will likely have a favourite they go to when they can. And for many people around the world, that favourite will be Wagyu beef.

Originating from Japan, this form of luxury meat is truly like no other. It has a long history as an exquisite choice of beef produce, renowned for its high levels of marbling and truly flavoursome taste experience. 

At Fine Food Specialist, we are delighted to be able to provide our customers with a superb range of Wagyu beef products from around the world.

In our latest blog, we help you to select your perfect cut and enjoy top quality Wagyu beef in the comfort of your own home.

What varieties of Wagyu beef are available?

A cut of Japanese Wagyu Ribeye beef

As with all product lines we have available at Fine Food Specialist, our aim is to make sure our offering combines true quality with impressive variety.

Our Wagyu beef range contains a really impressive selection of different products from a variety of sources, including different countries, as the Wagyu phenomenon spreads globally.

We have British, Australian and Japanese Wagyu beef cuts available, providing subtly different experiences for the eater.

Australia in particular has become a strong centre for Wagyu production thanks to conditions not dissimilar from those found in Japan, with strong rainfall, springs and grasses available during certain seasons to allow the cows to build up suitably.

The same applies for British Wagyu, with a great combination of phenomenal taste and the knowledge that the beef comes from close to home.

And of course, sometimes the original can’t be beaten and our range of Japanese wagyu is a truly remarkable product for foodies.

What cuts of Wagyu beef are there?

As well as Wagyu beef from different parts of the world, Fine Food Specialist’s range also includes different cuts of this fine meat.

Our range enables you to pick up different cuts, providing your preferred style of meat and allowing you to enjoy Wagyu beef as the central part of your favourite meal style.

Fillet steaks are a popular choice, with Grade 1 a thicker option and Grade 2 slightly thinner allowing you to find your preferred style with ease.

There are also Wagyu sirloin steaks available, which are incredibly tender and deliver an intense and rich flavour. 

Ribeye Wagyu steaks are also popular due to the perfect combination of marbling and flavour, while Wagyu beef burgers are the perfect buy ahead of the summer barbeque season. Anybody looking to take the quality of their barbeque to new levels can certainly do so with Wagyu beef burgers.

How best can I enjoy Wagyu beef?

Japanese Wagyu sirloin beef with mushroom salad

As well as providing you with a huge selection of great Wagyu beef products, we also use our culinary expertise to share different recipes. When it comes to Wagyu beef, we have a few excellent options we highly recommend.

One healthy option is a Japanese Wagyu Sirloin with mushroom salad. Recommended by Fine Food Specialist founder and chef Drogo Montagu, this is a great option if you’re looking to use Wagyu in a really positive and healthy way.

Another great choice is Wagyu Sirloin Steak with chimichurri sauce. This sauce is a beautiful addition to many meat meals, and works superbly with Wagyu.

And if you’re a truffle fan, take a look through our Wagyu ribeye steak with truffled mash recipe. This really takes luxurious food combinations to new levels in your kitchen.

What’s your favourite way of enjoying Wagyu beef? Let us know on our Facebook page!

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