Japanese Wagyu

Japanese Wagyu

Melt-in-the-mouth Japanese wagyu beef

Included in our selection of the finest beef are the choicest cuts of the highly prized Japanese wagyu cattle breed, now directly from Japan. The richness of Japanese wagyu beef means a little goes a long way. The intense marbling of fat dissolves into the meat as it cooks, giving it amazing flavour and a melt-in-the-mouth texture.

Cattle raised to strict regulations in Kagoshima

Kagoshima wagyu is some of the finest Japanese wagyu available in the UK, since the ban on import was recently lifted. Our Kagoshima is the product of 100% wagyu cattle that are raised according to strict regulations. Grazing on the temperate southwestern tip of Kyushi island, these black cattle have a rich diet which gives their meat its tenderness and rich, buttery flavour.

 Wagyu beef is classified with a Beef Marble Score (BMS) from 4 to 11, along with a letter from A to C and a number from one to five, with A5 being the highest quality you can find.

Marbled layers and succulent texture

The most highly prized cuts of beef are whole fillets and fillet steaks. You won’t find better than genuine Japanese wagyu fillet. Just season lightly and sear briefly in a hot pan.

For a special occasion a naturally very tender whole sirloin will make an incredible meal. Our sirloin steaks are ideal to share with your very best friend. One steak will provide enough for you and plenty to share too. Try our recipe with chimichurri sauce and a hunk of crusty bread.

 A whole wagyu ribeye will deliver incredible intense, rich flavour and tender texture. The fine, evenly distributed snowflake patterns of fat in a ribeye joint give a perfect balance of marbling, flavour and texture. For a simple taste sensation accompany it with mashed potatoes and white truffle oil.

 The rib cap muscle surrounds the top side of the ribeye joint and many believe it’s the most tasty and succulent part of a ribeye steak. When removed from the ribeye, the rib cap is a stunning cut that offers the flavour and depth of ribeye with the tenderness of a sirloin.

 If you’re ready to try a new cooking technique, then indulge in our new kitchen essential. Himalayan salt blocks naturally impart the minerals and vast health benefits of the dusky pink salt into your food. It’s also an eye-catching way of serving food as well as curing it.



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