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The best ways to enjoy Oysters

The best ways to enjoy Oysters

Oysters have long been seen as a delicacy and a much sought after culinary product. Not only are they delicious, but oysters bring about a host of other benefits. They’re packed full of protein, can support the health of your heart, improve circulation and your immunity levels. Additionally and somewhat famously, oysters are widely thought of as being an aphrodisiac.

At Fine Food Specialist, we have a wide selection of oyster products available for you to buy from our online store. But to help you get the most out of your purchase, we’ve put together this handy blog.

Enjoy eating Oysters with Ease

Once you’ve received your oysters, you might be wondering how can you enjoy them to their fullest extent. First things first – a closed oyster needs to be ‘shucked’. To do this, you ideally need an oyster knife. When you’re ready, insert the knife into the oyster’s pointed end and twist. This releases pressure and breaks the muscle of the oyster, which comes with a distinctive ‘shuck’ sound. Once ‘shucked’, the oyster can be loosened away from the shell.

The Oyster Dilemma

This is when you face a big decision – to cook or not to cook… Many people feel that the best way to eat oysters is raw. This is a popular option and raw oysters go well with lemon and tabasco sauces.

However, this can feel like a bit of a leap into the unknown for those trying oysters for the first time, so poaching or cooking your oysters are other viable options. To poach your oysters, simply set a frying pan over a low-medium heat, add your oysters and just before the juice starts to boil, take them off the heat.

If you want to cook your oysters, place them on a sheet pan and cook for 15-30 minutes, or until the shells open up. Many oyster fans will only eat them raw, but cooking can help lessen the risk of consuming bad bacteria if the original oyster does happen to contain any. Different varieties of oysters come from from all over the road, all with unique beautiful patterns and tastes. Here are just six varieties from the oysters that are available to buy from us at various times throughout the year: Dungarven Oysters, Wild Fal River Native Oysters, Number One Oysters, Ostra Regal Oysters, Prestige Oysters, Cornish Oysters.

Season things up

Whichever way you take them, you can turn your oysters into a truly delicious meal by getting your seasonings and sauces right. Popular options when it comes to adding to your oysters include lime juice, balsamic vinegar, soy sauces and even fruits like mango. Why not try this delicious recipe featuring Nduja butter to spice your oysters up?

Shop with Fine Food Specialist

Our fresh oyster selection forms part of our wider seafood offering here at Fine Food Specialist, and you can pick up a superb array of culinary delights from our online store with ease. If you like what you see and want to shop with us regularly, why not sign up for an account? You will be able to move through our checkout more quickly, store multiple shipping addresses, and track orders.

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