No fine food seafood selection would be complete without sashimi (fresh, raw fish sliced thinly and usually presented uncooked). Served with a wedge of lemon, sashimi's delicate and refreshing taste really is a treat for the palate.

 Sashimi is renowned as a Japanese traditional dish that all fine food lovers should sample at some point. And if you're looking for something a bit bolder, sashimi with an intense rich flavour is also something Fine Food Specialist can offer seafood lovers everywhere.

 Sashimi has long been a favourite amongst seafood devotees, not just for the wonderfully flavoursome experience it never fails to deliver, but also for the many health benefits it offers. 

The scope of sashimi

Sashimi is certainly a versatile option, too. As a home-prepared dish or a restaurant meal, serve it up as a main or as a delightful accompaniment.  Our diverse selection ranges from a succulent sashimi grade tuna loin to eye-catching wild carabineros red prawns.

 Why not try sashimi sea bream soon?

Whether served raw, pan-fried, poached or grilled, add a drop of lime, pickled ginger or soy sauce to a tasty sashimi dish (such as sea trout), and you're good to go. Or why not treat yourself to some sashimi sea bream prepared with citrus ponzu juice and wasabi? Steamed, fried or baked, it makes for a delightful meal, Japanese style.

 Other types of sashimi we at Fine Food Specialist can offer you include: stone bass, king crab, tuna, prawns, mackerel, salmon, sea urchins and more.

 An essential sashimi preparation tip

Sashimi can come in all shapes and sizes, but when eating it raw make sure it's as fresh as possible, of course. Do play safe. Leave it in the fridge right up to the very moment before you intend to prepare and serve it up.

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