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Discover new Fruit and Vegetables this spring

A variety of exotic fruit available from Fine Food Specialist
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Making positive additions to your food selection is what we are all about here at Fine Food Specialist. We love sourcing wonderful culinary items you’re unlikely to find in your local supermarket, and make these easy for you to enjoy. 

Providing you with the chance to try something exotic, hard to find or completely new is part of our charm we feel. This applies across our range, but with spring here, we wanted to focus on our fruit and vegetable range in our latest blog.

Fruit and vegetables are also of course particularly healthy options. So if you are seeking to eat that bit healthier, this range can help while also providing interesting and exciting new flavours.

Read on to get to grips with all the brilliant produce we have available for you to buy and try from Fine Food Specialist.

Why Fruit and the warm season go hand in hand

Fruit is one of the most diverse food groups. From the humble plum to the curvy banana, there’s a huge variety of fruits out there and we all have our favourites.

One of the big draws of fruit is their sweet and memorable taste. These ingredients not only taste good in and of themselves, but are also used to flavour many of the other foods we enjoy on a daily basis.

Not only does fruit tend to taste great, but it is also a healthy and easy snack option to keep us going during the day. Fruit can be nibbled on with ease, and carried around throughout the day with no fuss.

It’s also a strong option for kids, particularly if you are looking to get them eating that bit healthier.

In praise of vegetables

Don’t think of vegetables as fruit’s less glamorous cousin. These products contain a flavoursome punch and are equally as healthy and flexible in terms of their usage in the kitchen.

Vegetables have a wholesome quality that can make them a cornerstone for many meals. They are great ways to provide a healthy element to a meal, and that important feeling of warmth and comfort.

Anybody seeking to eat that bit healthier can certainly indulge in vegetables as an alternative to less healthy meals.

Great fruit and vegetable options

At Fine Food Specialist, we take pride in the range of products we source and the lengths we go to in order to provide our customers with the very best in terms of produce from around the world.

We have put together a strong choice of fruit and vegetable products in handy packages to give you the very best.

Take a look at our seasonal vegetable box. This contains ten of the most delicious vegetables in our range, with many that you are unlikely to have tried before. With lots of different flavours and options available, this is a great choice for anybody looking to enhance their vegetable horizons.

Fruit fans will love this exotic fruit box. This is a superb selection of rare fruits that will truly bring new taste sensations to people across the country. Containing mangoes, papaya, star fruit, nashi pears and many more, this exotic fruit box contains something for fruit lovers of all ages.

As well as these excellent box options, we have a great range of fruit and vegetables in our online store. With dozens and dozens of fruit and vegetable choices to pick from, you can trust Fine Food Specialist as your go-to fruit and vegetable supplier. 

Fruit and Vegetable Recipes

How best to enjoy fruit and vegetables? The best way is to try your hand at delicious recipes that contain some of the brilliant products we stock.


How about this seasonal spring salad with Jersey Royals, asparagus, morels and perigord truffle? A wonderful summer salad option, this meal is delightful for those sunny lunches or lingering evenings and full of subtle flavours.


And if you’re wondering which fruits to add to your fruit bowl, take a look at this blog. This provides you with a great insight into which fruits are in season and when you can enjoy them at their peak.

We are also delighted to suggest some more options from the worlds of fruit and vegetables that are great to try in spring and early summer. On the fruit front, we recommend:


star fruit name just a few. We’re sure you’ll agree that there’s plenty of variety here, with some classic fruit options and some new varieties to try.

And we of course cannot overlook vegetables. Plenty are in season at present, and here are some of our favourite options:

wild garlic

That seems like a fairly comprehensive list of strong vegetable options for veggie lovers. Take a look through, and find the perfect addition to your cupboards or fridge. 

We hope this blog has provided you with some of the choices you have available from Fine Food Specialist this spring and summer. Stay healthy, stay safe, and enjoy wonderful food from our brilliant range.

If you have any questions about our range, delivery, or anything else, contact the Fine Food Specialist team today and we will be happy to help you.

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