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Father's Day Recipe Ideas

Tomahawk steak with bearnaise and salad
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Show how much you care this Father’s Day by preparing a gourmet feast! From BBQ classics to fine food luxuries, we’ve got the best Father’s Day recipes for you to try. What’s his favourite meal? Whether he’s got a taste for French delicacies or simply loves a hearty platter of steak to tuck into, there’s loads to get you inspired this Father’s Day 2021. This one’s for all the father’s, grandads, dads, or father figures in your life! Scroll through now...

Father’s Day Recipe Ideas from Drogo’s Kitchen

What should you cook for Father’s Day lunch? If you’re able to see your father, why not put together a splendid meal to show your appreciation and love. Great food is the ultimate Father’s Day gift. Tap the picture for the recipe!


Brined and Pressed Suckling Pig Belly

This is one of the best ways to prepare suckling pig belly. Tender and succulent with a beautiful golden crispy skin on the outside. It’s an effort but well worth it!


Morteau Sausage Braised with Dark Muscat Grapes

This rich, smoky pork sausage has been stewed with grapes and served atop a bed of fluffy mashed potatoes – comfort dining at its best really!


Duck Stuffed with Foie Gras

Another French delicacy, this duck is stuffed with unctuous, rich foie gras and is pre-sliced for your convenience. Serve up on a plate and you have a great starter or snack!


BBQ Recipes for Father’s Day

Check out our best BBQ recipes to try out this Father’s Day! From tasting platters to gourmet burgers - you’ll want to get the grill going this Father’s Day…


Iberico Pork Tasting Set with Chimichurri and Saute Potatoes

Featuring three of the best cuts, this stunning platter set is a fabulous introduction to the world of Iberico pork. Chuck on the BBQ and serve with your favourite sauce (we like chimichurri with ours!)


Honey and Five Spice Quail

This little bird comes spatchcocked and ready to take on marinades and spice rubs. This honey and five spice version is so tasty, and would be a delightful starter or light lunch option.


Ox Heart Anticuchos with Yellow Pepper Sauce

Try something a bit off the beaten path with these BBQ ox heart skewers. A popular street food snack in Peru, Anticuchos are typically served with a vibrant scotch bonnet sauce for a warm kick of spice!


Wagyu Mushroom Burgers with Caramelised Onions Venison Burgers

Wagyu burgers, for the uninitiated, are the crème de la crème of burgers. Rich, fatty, and just oozing with flavour! Go for a double stack with onions and seared mushroom and melt some cheese on top…


Best Steak Recipes for Father’ Day

Nothing quite beats a classic steak, so we’ve rounded up some of our best steak recipes for you to whip out this Father’s Day.


New York Strip Loin with Jersey Royals

USDA Prime beef is incredible. Grain-fed and held to high standards, this beef offers beautiful marbling and rich flavour. Grill or BBQ and serve with seasonal veggies!


Wagyu Bavette with Miso-Glazed Baby Turnips

Bavette or flank steak is an exceptional and often overlooked cut of meat. This one is marinated in soy sauce and ginger and served with miso turnips – delish!


Wagyu Tomahawk with Bearnaise and a Tardivo and Pickled Walnut Salad

Tomahawks are an exquisite, showstopper cut perfect for special occasions such as Father’s Day. Great for serving 5-6 people, the French-trimmed bone is attractive but also adds flavour to the meat.


Father’s Day Gifting Guide

Can’t see your father this Father’s Day? Why not send him a gourmet foodie gift from Fine Food Specialist? There are gourmet food boxes replete with all the essentials for ultimate steak experiences or sashimi platters, and then there’s our splendid range of food hampers or you could spring for our delightful tasting sets to show your love this Father’s Day. However you decide to choose to show your appreciation this Father’s Day, we have you covered with the finest gourmet gifts! For more inspiration, check out our gifting guide here.


Gourmet Food Boxes for Father’s Day

Pick up one of these gourmet food boxes for Father’s Day and cook up a proper feast. These food boxes feature the very best ingredients from Fine Food Specialist and are carefully curated by the team.


Steak Experience Box

Go on a steak tour from the US to Argentina and then round it off with a trip to Japan. Here we have three excellent cuts of beef, each with their own unique flavours and textures. Pair with your favourite steak sauces and a handful of thick cut chips!


Butcher’s Wagyu Selection

Our in-house butcher has put together this amazing collection of wagyu cuts for you to try. Think bavette, ribeye, Denver, and short ribs…this box features the very best of beef and is a great present for a steak lover!


The Ultimate Ribeye Steak Box

Ribeye is one of the most popular cuts of beef so we decided to dedicate a whole box towards celebrating this fine cut of meat. Here we have the best USDA, Japanese wagyu, and Argentinian ribeye steaks – all with that characteristic ‘eye’ of flavoursome fat running through the middle.


The Gourmet BBQ Box

Throw a Father’s Day barbecue get-together with family and friends just so you have an excuse to tuck into this fantastic BBQ box.


Ultimate Burger Box

Perhaps a round of gourmet burgers is on the menu this Father’s Day? Spring for our ultimate burger collection featuring wagyu, dry-aged beef, Iberico pork, and more…


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