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  1. King Crab Clusters, Cooked, XXL, Frozen, +/-1kg
    King Crab Clusters, Cooked, XXL, Frozen, +/-1kg
    The size of the clusters for this product are graded from 1.3 - 1.5kg (the largest size available).  Origin: Baltic Sea, Russia 
  2. The Gourmet BBQ Box, Frozen, +/-1.9kg
    The Gourmet BBQ Box, Frozen, +/-1.9kg
    This complete BBQ set is the perfect box to have on a sunny afternoon. It is packed with a selection of the most delicious and favourite meats at Fine Food Specialist. The selection includes Morteau sausage, fennel sausages, Wagyu burgers, Iberico Secreto and Argentine Wagyu beef Ribeye. The mortea...
  3. The Butcher's Wagyu Box, +/-1.9kg
    The Butcher's Wagyu Box, +/-1.9kg
    We have selected our favourite Wagyu cuts of beef for you to try! The box is the perfect gift for the foodie in your life. It includes a bavette, Chuck Denver, Short Rib, and to top it off some bone marrow butter, to cook the delicious meat with! Bavette steak is a popular cut in France thanks to...
  4. Rock Oysters, Fresh, x 25
    Rock Oysters, Fresh, x 25
    Oysters are considered one of the world's ultimate luxury foods, up there with caviar, foie gras, and champagne. These fresh oysters are wonderfully succulent and delicate on the palate. Shuck and serve raw with a simple dressing or deep-fry and grill for an exquisite starter.  
  5. US Prime Grain-Fed Fillet Steaks, Frozen, 2 x 175g
    US Prime Grain-Fed Fillet Steaks, Frozen, 2 x 175g
    US beef is recognised worldwide as tender, juicy and beautifully marbled. The cattle is fed on grass but is finished for the last 100 days on a carefully balanced grain diet, making the beef sweet and succulent with a noticeable improvement in marbling throughout the muscle. With so much more flavou...
  6. Buy Soft Shell Crabs Online & in London UK
    Soft Shell Crabs, Frozen, (x 12), 1kg
    Soft shells crabs are an incredible delicacy as the entire crab is edible. The crabs are caught just after they shed their hard-shell, then they are cleaned and prepped, ready for you to cook with. These soft shells crabs are packed full of intense flavour and are a gourmet delight. Try coating them...
  7. Wagyu 'Bavette' Flank Steak, BMS 4-5, Frozen, +/-500g
    Wagyu 'Bavette' Flank Steak, BMS 4-5, Frozen, +/-500g
    Bavette steak is a popular cut in France thanks to its excellent flavour and reasonable price. It is the flank or skirt of the cow, which has a high fat content and therefore lots of flavour. The amount of fat marbling through the meat of the Wagyu breed gives it extra flavour and a soft texture....
  8. 100% Iberico Pork Presa, Bellota, Frozen, +/-650g
    100% Iberico Pork Presa, Bellota, Frozen, +/-650g
    Presa is considered to be the finest cut of the Iberian pig. It is the cut attached to the shoulder at the head of the loin. The presa is best cooked slowly and served medium to medium rare. Iberico meat has a very high marbling content and is the pork equivalent of wagyu beef. The flavour and tende...
  9. 100% Iberico Belotta Solomillo, Frozen, +/-600g
    100% Iberico Belotta Solomillo, Frozen, +/-600g
    The solomillo is the fillet or tenderloin. The most tender piece of meat available as it comes from an unused muscle. The fillets weigh around 350g each so there are typically three pieces to a kilo.The Iberico solomillo is heavily marbled with rich, acorn flavoured fat - it really is exceptional me...
  10. Mixed French Cheese Board, +/-2kg
    Mixed French Cheese Board, +/-2kg
    The Mixed French cheese board is a wonderful mix of the highest quality and rarest French Cheeses. This is a wonderful gift for any cheese connoisseur or a really impressive after dinner cheese board for any celebration. The cheese amounts to approximately 2kg which would serve around 12-15 people....
  11. Golden Almas Caviar
    Golden Almas Caviar
    From £160.00
    Almas is the most sought after caviar due to it's extreme rarity. This caviar is produced by Albino sturgeon (Acipenser Ruthenus) and only one in 6000 carry these small grain eggs. The size of the eggs varies from 1.5mm to 2mm, and the caviar is golden yellow in colour and is smooth in texture. Hig...
  12. Wagyu Beef Ribeye Steak, Frozen, 400g
    Wagyu Beef Ribeye Steak, Frozen, 400g
    From £38.00
    These huge Wagyu steaks have been cut especially for a handful of our customers who love our Wagyu so much that they wanted some thicker steaks. Our Kobe-style Wagyu beef comes from Chile and really is, without doubt, some of the best and most highly prized meat in the world. These steaks are rich i...
  13. Lobster Tortelloni, 1kg
    Lobster Tortelloni, 1kg
    Seafood aficionados will love these handmade tortelloni stuffed with lobster and tomato. Great food needs little else to enhance its flavour, and these are certainly no exception. Simply place in boiling salted water for a few mins, before draining and coating in melted butter. Serve immediately and...
  14. Truffle Crisps, 40g
    Truffle Crisps, 40g
    These sumptuous truffle crisps are a snack for the truly posh at heart - a crunch to die for, no hint of dryness and absolute lashings of that smoky gourmet flavour. Be warned, though; once you've started eating them it's very difficult to stop.
  15. King Crab, Cooked, Frozen, +/-250g
    King Crab, Cooked, Frozen, +/-250g
    King crab, with their striking size and vibrant colour are a great centrepiece for a seafood platter. These come cooked and prepped, ready to be used at your convenience. Simply serve with a homemade mayonnaise or you gently warm the crab leg in butter and add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice to brig...
  16. Buy Wagyu burgers online in London UK
    Handmade Wagyu Beef Burgers, Frozen, 170g
    From £13.95
    Wagyu burgers are growing in popularity as the craze for quality burgers continues. The Wagyu breed produced sublimely tender meat thanks to fat marbling, which is encouraged via exceptional farming standards that include daily treats such as hand massages and beer. The resulting patties are unparal...
  17. Imperial Oscietra Caviar
    Imperial Oscietra Caviar
    From £75.00
    Imperial Oscietra is a high grade caviar, produced by the Siberian Oscietra sturgeon. The eggs are typically medium in size with a firm texture, and the colour may vary from brown to grey. The taste of the caviar is rather refined with a complex flavour profile, offering hints of hazelnut and layers...
  18. Buy Suckling Pig Shoulder Online & In London UK
    Suckling Pig Shoulder, Frozen, +/-1.5kg
    Suckling pig has a more delicate flavour than mature pork. It is leaner and the meat more tender so this shoulder will make a delicious roast. Give it a generous spice rub or marinade then roast slowly until the meat is falling apart and succulent. 
  19. Brie with Truffle, Quarter Wheel, +/- 350g
    Brie with Truffle, Quarter Wheel, +/- 350g
    Brie de Nagis is produced in the le-de-France the home of French Brie, and is very similar to the more famous Brie de Meaux in style and flavour. The truffle cream sandwiched inside is made from Perigord winter truffles which have the strongest nose and flavour of all the black truffles. This is a r...
  20. Buy Truffle Salami Online & in London UK
    Truffle Salami, +/-450g
    This artisan pork salami has been beautifully enriched with black truffle and truffle oil. Made in the hilly Maremma region of Tuscany, the salami is produced from selected cuts of pork, then seasoned and left to age. It is bright red in colour, speckled with fat and has a unique and indulgent flavo...
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