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Top 10 uses for Truffles

Top 10 uses for Truffles
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There are plenty of exciting ways to make the most of your fresh white and black truffles and truffle products. Truffle and truffle-infused products such as our truffle butters and truffle oils will impart a wonderful aroma to your dishes, as well as a touch of luxury. These are our top ten ways to implement truffle into your cooking.


1. Truffle Pasta

Truffle pasta is at the top of every foodie’s list. It doesn’t need to be complicated either. All you need is a base of good quality pasta, a hefty grating of the finest Parmigiano Reggiano, quality butter, and a generous shaving of fresh truffle over the top. From truffle-infused tagliatelle to our handmade tortelloni filed with burrata and black truffles, we have plenty of ingredients for you to try out in the kitchen. Truffle and pasta is a winning combination, and you can put your own twist on this classic dish to make it even more special. Why not add some in-season mushrooms? We also have a delicious range of truffle butters, sauces, and truffle oils for you to explore too!


2. Truffle Focaccia

Truffle focaccia is another customer favourite on our site. Our focaccia is imported from Italy and only needs to be warmed up in the oven for a few minutes. The aroma of truffles is irresistible, especially when paired with fresh bread. Check out Drogo’s Kitchen to see how we prepare ours with more fresh truffle and infused truffle oil for a truly splendid truffle starter or snack.


3. Truffle and Chicken

Why not try making something a bit different with your truffles? Check out this Perigord Truffle and Chicken recipe from Drogo’s Kitchen for a delicious take on chicken and mushrooms. This is a wonderful recipe to whip out when you want to impress your dinner guests or simply add a luxurious flourish to a weeknight dinner. You can use any black truffle in season for this one. Hearty and warming, and everything you want to tuck into during the colder months.


4. Truffle Salad

On the flip side, truffle can also complement much lighter dishes too. Put together a simple seasonal vegetable salad such as this Asparagus, Morel, and Truffle one. A fresh shaving of truffle can really elevate a dish with its beautiful aroma. Truffles pair well with simple ingredients and delicate flavours such as mushrooms, so as not to overwhelm the dish. Check out Drogo’s Kitchen for more ideas!


5. Truffle Pizza

Create the ultimate luxury truffle pizza experience at home using our fabulous range of truffle infused products. There’s plenty of options from just adding a drizzle of black or white truffle oil or using our truffle carpaccio to add a touch of luxury. A generous shaving of fresh truffle won’t go amiss either.


6. Truffle and Steak

Are you a fan of wagyu? Take your wagyu beef to new heights by pairing with fresh truffles. Wagyu is the finest beef you can buy and adding a grating of fresh truffle will really add to the luxury experience. Shave fresh truffles over a wagyu carpaccio or add to a gourmet meal of wagyu with fondant potatoes and a red wine reduction.


7. Truffle Burgers

Check out our truffle and porcini burger recipe over on Drogo’s Kitchen for a serious dose of indulgence. The combination of porcini and truffle works beautifully in the burger and you can take it a step further by sprinkling truffle dust or truffle salt over your chips too.


8. Truffle Desserts

Honey truffle is an unusual variety of truffle that is actually sweet! This is a special variety from Eastern Europe that is great for adding to dessert dishes such as ice creams and mousses. Have fun experimenting with this white truffle when it’s in season.


9. Truffle Arancini

Here’s another indulgent truffle-based recipe that you’ll definitely want to tuck into anytime of the year: truffle arancini. Deep fried and stuffed with mozzarella and fresh truffle, this is a great starter or snack that is bound to impress. It’s perfect for special occasions or whenever you need a luxury treat. Find the recipe here.


10. Truffle Cheeses

Truffle and cheese is the ultimate pairing and our beautiful range of truffle infused cheeses is a great way to enjoy the luxurious taste of truffle. We offer quite a few types from Snowdonia cheddar truckles to French brie to Italian pecorino. If you can’t make your mind up, why not sample everything with our ultimate truffle cheese board.



There you have it, ten stunning ways to indulge in truffles. Keep it simple or go all out – the choice is yours. Browse our collection of fresh truffles here or take a look at our extensive collection of truffle-infused products. If you’re looking for a present, make sure to check out our hamper and gifting section for our best gourmet presents. For more information on truffles, check out our guide to black and white truffles. If you use any of our recipes, please follow and tag us on social media. We love seeing what you create with our fine ingredients.


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