Duck Foie Gras

Duck Foie Gras

With a distinct taste and more pronounced, gamier flavour than goose , duck foie gras is a true gastronomic delicacy.  Here at Fine Food Specialsit we offer an assortment of various duck foie gras products, boasting a succulent flavour. With a selection popular amongst chefs and gourmands, our duck foie gras is packed with flavour. 

Melting and luscious duck foie gras...

Our whole fresh lobe of the finest duck foie gras offers a deliciously smooth and buttery texture which is ideal for spreading on toasted brioche bread. Lightly fry in a pan and serve as a flavoursome starter or even add this to craft a hand-made gourmet terrine. Equally, the deveined frozen duck foie gras lobe takes the hassle out of preparing and as it is flash frozen it retains the integrity of fresh foie gras. Or if you're looking for something alternative but of equal high quality, then look no further- our foie gras terrines are irresistible.  The real show-stopper is the hand-made Mille Feuille terrine of foie gras - the ultimate gourmet treat, perfectly layered with aromatic Perigord truffles. 

A delicate creamy softness..

It's not just our fresh foie gras which provides a creamy texture. Fine Food Specialist's selection of preserved foie gras includes Rougie's gorgeous duck foie gras entier pots containing 100% raw duck foie gras, cooked and preserved in jelly and seasoning.  Or if you're entertaining guests, then Ficelle's mousse of duck foie gras is ideal for appetizers, canapes and hor d'oeuvres. 



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