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Enjoy Luxury Truffles This Summer

Enjoy Luxury Truffles This Summer

What are truffles, and where do they come from? 

Truffles are a highly-prized culinary item the world over. The French Gastronome Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin referred to truffles as ‘the diamond of the kitchen’ in his 1825 book Physiologie du Gout, and truffles are now globally seen as a special delicacy that should be cherished and enjoyed to the full.

The fruiting body of the Ascomycete fungus, truffles are found underground in spots often close to tree roots. Due to their elusive nature, special techniques including the use of trained pigs and dogs who sniff the truffles out are often used, adding to the air of exclusivity and mystique around these items.

Today, with more and more people around the world wanting to try truffles for themselves, there are a host of delicious items that are allowing everyone to experience this exciting taste. Why not have a go at making an Italian classic, spaghetti with olive oil and shaved fresh truffle?

At Fine Food Specialist, we pride ourselves on bringing our customers the best in culinary excellence, and opening people up to new textures and flavours. As part of this mission, we stock a fine array of fresh truffles and truffle products that allow you to enjoy a taste of luxury. Our selection of truffles is impressive and wide-spanning.

Although some truffle prices can put people off, our high-quality products are available at affordable amounts. We have fresh and frozen summer truffles in our stock, with plenty of flavours for customers to sample and enjoy. We offer a fine range of black truffles, including French Perigord, Smooth and Winter truffles, as well as oils and other products containing truffles: Foie Gras, jellies, cheeses and pastas coated or containing truffles, so take a look and find a great purchase today. Truffle hampers are also available, which could make the perfect food gift for truffle lovers.


Black truffle oil can be used in a number of ways, to add a depth of flavour to many different dishes. Add a drop or two of this rich, aromatic oil to pizzas, pastas and potatoes. Often used in French cooking consider using this oil when making gratin dauphinois or Bordelais and Bernaise sauce.

White truffles have a slightly different flavour and texture, but are equally impressive when it comes to providing a delicate taste to eaters. We stock Spring White and Alba White truffles, pictured below, grown in parts of Italy and eastern Europe, giving you an authentic experience of beautiful European delicacy. We also offer rare Fresh Honey Truffles, which have a sweeter flavour than most truffles and grow in the sandy soils along the River Danube.

Beyond our range of fresh truffles, Fine Food Specialist also stocks a great array of truffle products, helping you enjoy these fascinating flavours in new ways. There are Truffle crisps from Torres, black truffle butter, truffle filled tortellini and salami with truffle within our range. Try spreading black truffle butter on a chunk of fresh bread.


At Fine Food Specialist, we stock a superb selection of high quality products from around the world, all delivered to you in the perfect condition to enjoy to their full potential. Additionally, if you place your order before 11am from Monday to Friday, you can get your order the next working day thanks to our great delivery options.

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