Flavoursome salmon has to be one of the most versatile gourmet foods available. Serve it up before lunch or dinner, or enjoy it as a melt in the mouth main. What's your particular preference, though? If only whole salmon sourced from one of the finest producers in the UK will do, Fine Food Specialist can meet your specific requirements, with ease. 

Salmon – a dinner party organiser's best friend

If you're planning something extra special (a lavish feast with no compromises, e.g.), but perhaps feeling as nervous about pulling it off on the night as you're becoming excited about the forthcoming culinary extravaganza in another way, opting for poached whole salmon as a centre-piece delightfully accompanied by vegetables and dressings, is certainly something to seriously think about. 

Salmon – so many options to choose from

What's also great about salmon is that it can be purchased in different shapes and sizes.  Choose from Salmon Supremes, Royal Salmon Caviar, Tsar Nikolai Salmon, Prime Smoked Salmon Fillet, Fresh Salmon Tortelloni, Salmon Sashimi, Side of Salmon, and more. And how about salmon as a Christmas Gift? One brilliant option is our Fine Food Specialist's Finest Hamper, which really is as good as it gets when it comes to beautifully presented (and intelligently combined) gourmet foods at their finest, all in one place. Take a look!

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