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The Fine Food Specialist Guide to Iberico Pork

The Fine Food Specialist Guide to Iberico Pork
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Iberico pork is some of the finest, most flavourful pork money can buy. Produced in Spain under very specific conditions, these pigs are full of rich fat and flavour thanks to their diet and lifestyle. Want to know more? Read on for the Fine Food Specialist guide to Iberico pork.


What is Iberico pork?


Iberico pork comes from the Black Iberian Pig, which is native to Central and Southern Spain and also areas of Portugal.


How is Iberico pork produced?


The pigs roam the forest floors foraging for acorns, which provide them with a unique diet; this flavour is also present in the meat itself, which is rich and nutty, particularly in the milky fat, of which there is plenty. In fact, the Iberian Black or Pata Negra pig has a much higher fat content than other breeds, which is partly why it is so sought after. This fat melts during cooking and imparts flavour and succulence into the meat.


The meat is also cured, which means it is preserved by drying out in salt. The meat is then hung, which ages the meat, drawing out moisture and intensifying the flavour.


What are the different cuts of Iberico pork?


There are different cuts of Iberico pork, which can be cooked in different ways and are suitable for different dishes. Generally speaking, Iberico pork can be served pink in the middle, unlike regular pork.


Fresh Iberico pork


Iberico Pluma: The pluma cut is found at the bottom end of the loin. The pork equivalent to the flank, it has a tender texture.

Iberico Presa: Presa is considered the finest cut of the Iberico pig. Cut from the muscle attached to the shoulder at the head of the loin, it is best cooked medium to medium rare.

Iberico Secreto: This is the ‘secret’ cut that butchers like to keep for themselves! Cut from behind the shoulder, it should be cooked only briefly.

Iberico Solomillo: The solomillo is the fillet or tenderloin - the most tender piece of meat available as it comes from an unused muscle. 

Iberico Pork Chops:  Pork connoisseurs will be delighted with these tender chops, full of the acorn-rich goodness taken in by the black pigs in their forest habitat.

Iberico pork ribs: The ribs, or costillas, have all the flavour and succulence you would expect from this special pig, only on a rib! They are the juiciest and most meltingly tender ribs you will ever taste.

Iberico pork collar: Iberia pork collar is cut from the area between the head and shoulders and is very well marbled with fat. This cut needs time to break down and benefits from low and slow cooking.

We also sell Iberico pork burgers, Iberico pork chops and Iberico pork bacon! Make sure to browse our full range of Iberico pork products to find the one that’s right for you. Can’t decide? Try our Iberico pork taster selection.


How should Iberico pork be cooked?

Iberico pork is different to other breeds of pork, and can be cooked medium rare, like steak. This keeps the meat tender while also allowing the fat to melt. Cured Iberico pork does not need to be cooked before eating.


Cured Iberico pork

We also stock a wide range of cured Iberico pork products, which have been preserved and have therefore developed an intensity of flavour that makes them world renowned.


Iberico ham (Jamon Iberico)

Iberico ham comes in whole legs or pre carved arrangements, which have been sliced by a ham carving expert. The ham is sliced thinly using a long knife, which means each slice has the correct proportion of fat and meat. The Iberian pigs are known for their fat marbling, and much of the flavour of the pig is contained within this fat, which melts in the mouth. Iberico ham is aged for anything between 12 and 50+ months.

Iberico Bellota Ham: This ham is aged for a minimum of 24 months. However, we sell Iberico bellota ham that is aged for 48-52 months, meaning it has an incredible intensity of flavour.

Iberian Cebo de Campo: this cured meat comes from a pig that is 75% pure Iberican; the mother is 100% Iberian, while the father is 50% Iberian. The pigs’ diet is a mixture of acorns, grain and legumes from the Dehesa pasture, a vast forest spread over parts of Spain. These pigs are slaughtered at a minimum of twelve months of age and at a minimum weight of 115kg, bringing a maturity of flavour to the meat.

Iberico Salami: Our Iberico acorn fed salchichon is a fun and different way to serve the rich, nutty meat of these world famous pigs. Try slicing it and serving with a salami platter and a glass of full bodied red wine.

Lomo de Cebo Iberico: This cured lomo comes from the Iberian black pig’s tenderloin. Slice thinly and serve as part of a charcuterie platter with some manchego cheese and membrillo.

Want to sample some yourself? Purchase Iberico pork from Fine Food Specialist at a great price in the UK.

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