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Ultimate Meat Box, Frozen, Serves 10-15

This ultimate meat hamper is the perfect way to try a variety of amazing and unique cuts of meat. We’ve brought together a box that includes ove...
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This ultimate meat hamper is the perfect way to try a variety of amazing and unique cuts of meat. We’ve brought together a box that includes over 3kg of meat, so can feed 10-15 people on the BBQ on those lovely summer days. What better way to impress your friends and family than with these premium and exciting cuts?

The box includes:

  • 1 x USDA Prime Beef Rump, +/- 500g

USDA Prime beef Rump comes from well-fed, young cattle, ensuring the meat is of a very high-quality, with only three percent of all beef qualifying to this standard. USDA Prime beef is marbled with fat, making it extremely succulent and tender and only needs 3-3.5 minutes on each side to be cooked as a perfect medium-rare steak. Let it rest before serving, then simply slice up and serve with a tomato, red onion and balsamic salad.

  • 1 x Castilla y Leon Pork Neck, +/- 1kg

Raised and slaughtered in the beautiful reigion of Castilla y Leon in Spain, this white pork meat comes from the Landrace, Larwhite and Duroc breeds. The pigs are brought up on a 70% grain diet, making the meat tender and of a higher quality than regular pork. This truly is the best pork you could have on the BBQ! Pork neck is hard to dry out due to its’ fatty marbling – we recommend marinating the meat in spices and then grilling it for fifteen minutes on each side. Let the pork rest, then serve in a bun with Salsa Verde on the side for a spicy kick. Alternatively, it is also an ideal cut to be slow-cooked to make pulled pork or brisket.  

  • 1 x Kangaroo Fillet, +/- 700g

Kangaroo meat has a rich gamey flavour, tasting similar to venison. These fillets are a healthy option as it is a very lean meat with a low-fat content, and high levels of iron and zinc. They can be cooked in a similar way to a beef steak - we recommend grilling them for 3-4 mins on each side and letting them rest for 5 minutes to serve medium rare. Definitely a delicacy that your BBQ guests will be impressed by!

  • 1 x Argentinian Grass-Fed Sirloin, +/- 350g

Argentinian grass-fed cows are famous around the world for producing some of the highest-quality beef available, as these traditionally-raised cattle graze on luscious grassy plains rather than grain-feed, creating tender, healthy Omega-3 fat rich, meat. This delicious sirloin needs nothing more than a sprinkling of salt to be seasoned to perfection.

  • 1 x Wild Boar Loin Fillet +/- 600g

A unique change from a traditional steak, wild boar fillet is an exceptional meat that has a rich and nutty flavour, due to its diet of acorn and saplings. The wild boar meat is darker than pork, with fat marbling running throughout –meaning that it takes less time to cook than regular pork. Try grilling the fillet, then slicing and serving in pitta breads with tzatziki and red onion, delicious!

This Ultimate Meat Hamper is a chance to enjoy and experience flavours from all over the globe - the kangaroo fillets and wild boar come from Australia, whilst the Castilla y Leon pork comes from Spain, the sirloin from Argentina and the rump from the USA. This box really gives you the oppoturtinity to share these delicious cuts of meat at one memorable occasion!  

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