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  1. Rabbit Legs, Pack of 4, +/-1kg
    Rabbit Legs, Pack of 4, +/-1kg
    French rabbit legs are ideal for a casserole, seasonal vegetables and a good stock is all that is needed to make a fine dish. No need to fancy it up, just serve with mustard mash and enjoy the sweet tasting meat in a rich sauce.
  2. Burratina with Truffle, 2 x 125g
    Burratina with Truffle, 2 x 125g
    A variation of the classic burrata that comes from the region of Puglia, in Italy, this creamy cheese takes truffle indulgence to a new level. The stretched mozzarella encases a creamy, truffle flavoured cream that oozes out when cut open. The flavour of the truffle is delicate but rich and simply d...
  3. PGI Cornish Lamb Leg, Fresh, +/-2.5kg
    PGI Cornish Lamb Leg, Fresh, +/-2.5kg
    A leg of lamb is the perfect joint for a wonderful roast dinner. Down to preference, you can either roast it for a short amount of time and serve pink in the middle, or slow-cook it, as they do in Middle Eastern countries and serve with lots of herbs and a sprinkling of pomegranate seeds.
  4. Milk-Fed Segovian Lamb Leg, Frozen, +/- 500g
    Milk-Fed Segovian Lamb Leg, Frozen, +/- 500g
    The legs of the milk fed lamb are notoriously tender and packed full of flavour.  You will be astounded by the flavour and texture of this very rare baby lamb. Tastes fantastic marinated with garlic, lemon zest and chopped herbs and cook until pink!
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  5. PGI Cornish Lamb Saddle Rolled, Fresh, 1 x +/-1kg
    PGI Cornish Lamb Saddle Rolled, Fresh, 1 x +/-1kg
    An old-fashioned favourite, our rolled lamb saddle joint is a delicious cut of meat. The saddle of the lamb is one of the most tender joints available, with a slightly sweet flavour. The layer of fat surrounding the rolled joint keeps it moist whilst it cooks. Enjoy this lamb roasted with rosemary a...
  6. Wagyu Beef Sirloin Steak, Frozen, +/-400g
    Wagyu Beef Sirloin Steak, Frozen, +/-400g
    From £35.00
    These incredible 400g Wagyu sirloin steaks are as good as it gets. Big and rich enough to feed two people, these massive steaks will have you talking for quite a while. Wagyu beef has very high marbling content within the meat thanks to a diet of grain and cereal; the flavour and texture is unbeliev...
  7. Pecorino Cream, Fresh, 170g
    Pecorino Cream, Fresh, 170g
    A delicious and creamy way to enjoy the flavour of Italian Pecorino cheese. This cream is spreadable and ready to be slathered on bread or used in sauces. Try spreading on cursty bread and topping with a garlic fried chanterelles, or another tasty mushroom.
  8. PGI Cornish Lamb Cutlets, Fresh, x 6
    PGI Cornish Lamb Cutlets, Fresh, x 6
    Best cooked on the griddle, or fired up on the bbq, or more gently cooked in the oven, our lamb cutlets are a delicious cut of lamb. To achieve a beautifully pink meat on the inside, with a caramelised crust, season the meat and drizzle in oil before you cooking in your chosen method, and always let...
  9. Baby Carrots, Purple, x 3 Bunches
    Baby Carrots, Purple, x 3 Bunches
    These beautiful baby purple carrots make a wonderful garnish and are packed with that wonderful earthy carrot flavour. They are a favourite with the chefs as they are so divine to look at and they hold their colour once cooked.
  10. Iberico Pork Chops x 2, Frozen, +/-400g
    Iberico Pork Chops x 2, Frozen, +/-400g
    Pork connoisseurs will be delighted with these tender chops, full of the acorn-rich goodness taken in by the black pigs in their forest habitat. These Iberico chops are so tasty, and the meat needs very little extra to enhance its flavour. We'd recommend choosing your sauces and herbs carefully, so ...
  11. Urbani White Truffle Oil, 250ml
    Urbani White Truffle Oil, 250ml
    Over a century ago, Carlo Urbani pioneered Italian truffle culture and became the first to organise the production of artisan luxury truffle oils. This bottle captures the best of white truffles with an enticing infused oil that will truly elevate your cooking. The rich aroma will tantalise your tas...
  12. Iberico Pork Loin Lomo, Frozen, +/-1kg
    Iberico Pork Loin Lomo, Frozen, +/-1kg
    Pata Negra (black-footed pigs) are fed on acorns throughout their lives, giving them flavour and texture like no other. The delicate meat melts in your mouth thanks to its rich marbling and the sweet nutty flavour is quite different from normal pork. 
  13. Buy Whole Gambas Online & in London UK
    Whole Tiger Prawns, Frozen Raw, 1kg (16-20)
    These black tiger prawns are full of flavour and are great marinated overnight in olive oil, lime zest, and garlic before being flash fried. Season and serve immediately. This product weighs 1kg and there are 16-20 prawns in the box.    
  14. Jumbo gambas
    Jumbo Tiger Prawns, Frozen, 1kg, (4/5 prawns)
    These frozen jumbo tiger prawns are plump, succulent and and full of flavour. These are the largest gambas available and they come as a kilo made up of five in a box. Try peeling them and marinating overnight with finely grated citrus zest and garlic. Season them with salt before searing on a smokin...
  15. Rock Oysters, Fresh, x 25
    Rock Oysters, Fresh, x 25
    Oysters are considered one of the world's ultimate luxury foods, up there with caviar, foie gras, and champagne. These fresh oysters are wonderfully succulent and delicate on the palate. Shuck and serve raw with a simple dressing or deep-fry and grill for an exquisite starter.  
  16. Terrine of Duck Foie Gras, 1kg
    Terrine of Duck Foie Gras, 1kg
    This terrine of duck foie gras is made from the highest grade duck foie gras available and is an excellent option for serving a small party of guests. The terrine has a rich, succulent taste and melts in your mouth like butter. Lightly seasoned, this Duck Foie Gras A Grade terrine is delicious serve...
  17. Beetroot Gravadlax, +/-1.3kg
    Beetroot Gravadlax, +/-1.3kg
    The word Gravadlax means grave in Scandinavian. Historically people would wrap salmon fillets in beech bark and bury them in the earth with bricks on top to really help push the salt into the fish and cure it. This beautiful and delicate dish sums up everything we love about Swedish smoked seafood: ...
  18. Buy Wagyu Ribeye Whole Joint BMS 4-5 Online & in London UK
    Wagyu Beef Ribeye Joint, BMS 4-5, Fresh, +/-3kg
    This is the perfect roasting joint for a special occasion. This cut of beef has an unbeatable rich flavour and an incredibly soft texture; no other beef is this smooth and buttery. For an even more indulgent experience try the Wagyu ribeye with a marble score (BMS) of 8-9. This really is as good as ...
  19. PGI Cornish Lamb T-Bone Chops, Fresh, 8 x +/-120g
    PGI Cornish Lamb T-Bone Chops, Fresh, 8 x +/-120g
    Coming from a prime area of animal, chops are a tradional and popular cut of lamb, and well worth the price tag. Cut from the most tender parts of the lamb saddle, the chops come from the loin are truly delicious. These chops have the T-bone left in them, meaning you get to experience both a part of...
  20. Jamon Iberico, Sliced, 100g
    Jamon Iberico, Sliced, 100g
    Pata Negra is the name of a superior breed of black footed pig. Pata Negra literally means black foot. These pigs forage for two and a half years on acorns and roots, and roam freely all their lives. The acorns give their meat a rich, buttery flavour, and this Iberian ham is considered to be as good...
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